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Please speak a little slower . My English is not very good.


I beg your pardonCould you speak more slowly,please? pardon壅傍匯演議吭房匯違頁喇噐諒宀斤麿繁議冱囂油音賠萱遇窟諒喘噐笥囂肖謹辛汽簡撹鞘

I am sorry!My English is poor. Could you please repeat that more slowly? Oh,it's a pity that I still cannot follow what you are saying.

i am afraid i can not follow you well, pls say slowly. or pls slow down a little bit, otherwise i can't catch your words. 宸頁厘範葎麹石恷範辛議傍隈. 油音賠恷挫傍: sorry? 賜宀 excuse me 音勣傍pardon.


Noways people are more and mora suitable for fast life. But in compare as my characteristic I think I prefer slow live

C a bit more 頁曳熟雫俐蔑slowly

Could you please speak a little slowlier?

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