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一首经典英文歌,里面有句(who ArE you)

chick 英[tʃɪk] 美[tʃɪk] n. 小鸡; 少妇; 小鸟; 小姐; adj. 胆小的; 雅致的; [例句]Boil the chick peas, add garlic and lemon juice 把鹰嘴豆放在开水中煮,并加入大蒜和柠檬汁。 [其他] 复数:chicks

我猜是这首 what do you want from me

翻译: 你是谁,不是你是谁 重点词汇 who谁; 什么人; 关系代词,有先行词; 孰 who you are不在乎你是谁

后街男孩的as long as you love me 吧 是不是有who you are ,where're you from 之类的

Natasha Bedingfield----《Freckles》 I used to care so much about what others think about Almost didn’t have a thought of my own The slightest remark would make me embark On the journey of self doubt But that was a while ago Thi...

You Me and the Dancefloor - Unique You' you' you You know just what your doin' Walking with your touches And your make-up on I'm gonna smear it off You' you' you You should'nt never start us on girl' No way u thinkin' gonna cha...

后街男孩的As long as you love me 副歌部分里面有I dont care who you are......

Jesse McCartney的What's your name ? 追问: 不是,那首歌挺有节奏感的,那句歌词是高潮部分的。 回答: 还有其他信息吗?你只知道这一句歌词?你在哪儿听到的这首歌。。 追问: 那句歌词后好像是where you are from、其他都不知道了,这...

As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys

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