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A FriEnD is somEonE ______ sAys, "WhAt! You too...

A 本句中先行词someone为下文定语从句的逻辑主语,指人,故引导词用who,选A。


C 试题分析:考察be being…特殊用法。“be+ being+形容词/过去分词”强调某人在特定的某个时刻或时候的状况,而不是指这个人一直都是这样的。不仅仅是指当你站在镜子面前的这一特殊时候的情况。光顾C正确。点评:“be+ being+形容词”强调某人在特...

what is the word "friend" to you?(朋友对你来说是什么) A friend is your sad for your consolation(朋友是你伤心的时候给你安慰的人)

Friend is air ,is shoulder , some one can happy together and cry together .

英语例文,供参考 朋友是什么? What is a Friend? Everyone needs a friend, because we are not the only one in the world. We need someone to talk to and share our happiness and sorrow. Last night, I saw a movie, the protagonist’s ...


1A 3B 4D . 6B中间应该还有个of.


更正在括号处标明,保证准确率! What is a true friend? The true friend is someone (加入who) has the same values as you do. A true friend also does things for (other改成others) and can (加入be) counted upon (whether改成if) you ev...

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