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since ancient times times 时代

times 有个特殊意思是"时刻,时代"。

in ancient time 在古代 双语对照 例句: 1. In ancient time people were afraid of an evil eye. 古时,人们惧怕邪恶的眼睛。 ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

译作:在古代 用法:The female always was put at a valueless place in ancient times. 语法:times 通常作时代讲;ancient 远古的、古代的,作定语。 相关用法: 1、This was a preferred method of birth control in ancient times. 2、Hist...

In ancient time, there are ten suns shining in the sky, they rise up by turns and never make mistakes. But one day, they show up togerter, That is a horrible disaster. Crops are burnt, and many humans die of heat. At that time,...

times 意为“时代,时期;次数”故“古代”有s。

on which, like the sailors of the ancient times, they had run their boats ashore. 翻译: 在它的上面, 像古时候的船员一样, 他们一直是在岸上开船。(例如像纤夫一样的拉船行走)

小题1:of 小题2:until 小题3:existence 小题4:commonly 小题5:is intended小题6:an 小题7:that 小题8:may 小题9:what 小题10:however 试题分析:小题1:句意:过去的考试是由读诗歌和演讲组成。Consist of 由…组成小题2:句意:书面考试直到19世...

in ancient times 在古代 例: In ancient times, however, people believed that the swan was given a special giftof song at the end of its life. 然而,在古代,人们认为天鹅在生命的最后一刻会被给予一份特别的歌声礼物。

歌曲名:Jerusalem (And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time) 歌手:Royal Choral Society&London Philharmonic Orchestra&Sir Andrew Davis 专辑:The Last Night Of The Proms Matisyahu - Jerusalem Songwriters: Miller, Matthew; Corraliza, Ivan...

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