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Anything will BE ok

Everything:一切,任何事物。 will be:将会是 Ok:好的,没问题的。 Everything will be Ok:一切都会好起来。表示对未来充满希望,也可以表示对别人的鼓励。

是这首歌吗? everything's gonna be alright 歌手:sweet box Everything's gonna be alright Who ever thought the sun will come crashing down My life in flames My tears complete the pain We fear the end, the dark as deep as river b...

应该是sweetbox的everything's gonna be alright 。 everything's gonna be alright everything's gonna be alright whoever thought the sun would come crashing down my life in flames, my tears concrete the pain me feel the end, the da...

i thought you'll be there for me, this i confess. you said you was ...Now I can't feel anythingWhen I love you,It's so untrueI can't even...

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