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As%is proCEss 是什么意思

As-Is Process 网络 现有流程; [例句]In fact, these exceptions are usually at the root of performance problems in the as-is process. 实际上,这些异常通常是 现有流程 性能问题的根本

As long as it is a comedy, I'd rather cry during the process 意为: 只要是个喜剧结局,过程你让我怎么哭都行。 as long as 英[æz lɔŋ æz] 美[æz lɔŋ æz] [词典] 只要; 如果; 既然; 由于; [例句]As ...

as long as the outcome is with you,the process is not so important 只要最后结局是和你在一起,过程并不重要 望采纳,谢谢

start-all.sh这个命令不用了,现在使用 和 start-yarn.sh代替start-all.sh命令,可能是因为跟spark里的start-all.sh命令重名了,这是打印的第一行信息的意思; 后面提示的WARN util.NativeCodeLoader: Unable to load native-hadoop...

because I need to learn many subjects.


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