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at the moment 1.=at the present time;now此刻;目前(用于现在时态中) *I know the address well enough,but I can't think of it at the moment.我清楚地记得这个地址,可是这会儿怎么也想不起来了。 2.=then那时;那一刻(用于过去时...

(1)at the moment 此刻; (正当)那时 adv.此刻 prep.此刻,那时 adv.此刻,那时 n.此刻,那时 ###例句 Not at the moment. 现在不要。 No, not at the moment. 眼下还没有。 Not at the present moment. 暂时没有了。 Chickened out at the last mom...

同意词组 用在过去时或者现在时 the可换成this或者that


1、at the moment ①意思是“此刻,目前” 例句:He is in a high school at the moment.(目前他正在上高中。) ②意思是“当时,那时” 例句:He said that at the moment everything was blacked out for him.(他说,当时他眼前一片漆黑。) 2、in...

at the moment是时间状语,一般放在句末,也可放在句首 满意请采纳,谢谢

at some moment 某些时候,其实用的很少,一般都是at the moment at any moment 随时;无时无刻

一般将况下:at the moment 用于现在进行时in the moment 用于一般将来时,如He is doing his homework at the moment .他此刻在做作业.He will come back in a moment . 一会他就回来.

adv.当时; 此刻,现在,目前; 例句: 1、Have you got any particular worries at the moment? 你现在有什么让你特别焦虑的事情么? 2、Seeing at the moment. 此刻正在交往的人。 3、This is all we have at the moment. 这是我们目前所掌握的全...

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