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BE CommittED to Do

be committed to do 承诺做某事 be committed to doing 致力于做某事

你好,be committed to doing

是to doing. 因为: be committed to 献身于,致力于; (后接名词或动名词,to是介词) 又如:The company is committed to expanding the product development of the market. 公司现致力将产品市场发展扩大.

be committed to (doing) sth 是固定短语, be committed to 英[bi: kəˈmɪtɪd tu:] 美[bi kəˈmɪtɪd tu] 献身于,致力于, (后接名词或动名词,to是介词) [例句]Then you must be committed to your agr...

be committed to doing sth的意思 致力于做某事 例句:1.And that's what I'm committed to doing. 这就是我所致力于做的。 2.Nicole has committed herself to doing whatever it takes to make her performances more realistic. 她下定决心,...


Be committed to. 献身于,致力于 (后接名词或动名词,to是介词) 没有区别. 例如: I am committed to improving the health of women everywhere. I commit to create a culture of innovation. 都是 承诺做某事 的意思

sb be devoted to sth 献身于/专注于某事 devote sb to (doing) sth 使某人注意某事.. devote是及物动词 第一种形式主语是I的话 要是用第二种形式表达 就是 devote myslef to do 只是这个时间长了 就 不这么用了 可以把devoted 看成一个形容词 d...

commit suicide自杀;抹脖子;寻短见;自寻了断 phase commit两阶段交易认可;两相提交;两阶段提交 Commit Charge认可用量;内存使用;存储器保留与提交;提交费 commit oneself on对 not commit oneself不承担义务 commit oneself to致力于;...


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