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Do thE DishEs的中文意思

do the dishes (饭后)洗餐具; 例句: 1. I'll mop if you'll do the dishes. 如果你去洗碗,我可以抹地板。 2. No, that's ok. I'll stay here and do the dishes. 我才不去,好吧,我就留在这儿洗盘子。

do the dishes 就是wash the dishes 的意思 做菜就是cook dishes 或是cook some cooking

do the dishes [词典](饭后) 洗餐具; [网络]洗盘子; 清洗餐具; 收拾衣服; [例句]Yes, I can. I can do the dishes, too. 是的,我能。我也能洗碗碟。 take the dishes 全部释义和例句>> 取菜

do the dishes (饭后)洗餐具; 洗碗。 dishes [英]['dɪʃɪz][美]['dɪʃɪz] n.餐具; 盘( dish的名词复数 ); 一盘食物; 外貌有吸引力的人; 1. Mom, isn't it Jeff's ( my brother ) turn to do the dishes today? 妈...

是doeS 请采纳

do the dishes [词典] (饭后) 洗餐具; [例句]I cooked the dinner so you can do the dishes. 我烧了饭,所以你可以洗碟子。

do the dishes 洗餐具 例句 Martha didn't like to do the dishes and wished the job on to her little sister. 玛尔塔不喜欢洗碗,她把这活推给了她的小妹妹。 He often helps his wife wash/ do the dishes. 他常帮助他妻子洗洗餐具。

您要找的是不是:do the dishes 洗餐具;洗碗碟 do the dishes [词典] (饭后)洗餐具; 洗碗碟 [例句]I can't do the dishes today, because I hurt my fingers this morning. 今天我不能洗碗了,我今早上伤了手指。

不是的,动词do会因人称、数以及时态的变化而变化。 He does the dishes after dinner every day. We will do the dishes this evening. She did the dishes yesterday morning.

do the dishes 是固定搭配。就是洗餐具的意思。而前面的是组合的。wash up 本身就有洗餐具的意思。后面加上什么宾语就是洗什么对象了。

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