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It is fair to say that the number one pastime in China is eating. 在中国,把吃饭看作第一消遣方式一点也不为过。 B...

问题解答: It is fair to say that按美国人的习惯表达意思是 ”恰当地说“! 重点词汇解释: fair|feə(r); 美 fer| (fairer, fairest)~ (to/on sb) acceptable and appropriate in a particular situation 合理的;恰当的;适当的 a fair de...

it is fair to say that 我们可以这么说 It is fair to say a considerable amount of effort went into the project. 说句公道话,这一计划花费了很大心血.

公道地说。。。。 it's fair to say that, you cannot blame him. 公道地所一句,你可不能够怪他。

您好,它的意思是公平的说。 非常荣幸回答您的问题,希望我的回答能切实帮助到您,祝您学习英语愉快。

你好! it is fair to say that 它是公平地说,

我觉得可以说我们对IT系统的改革已经完成百分之八十到九十了。 不是。

Never give up.

Bill Gates' 11 Rules 比尔.盖茨的11条准则 In Bill Gates' Book for high school and college graduates, there is a list of 11 things they did...

Research says that husbands do not do their fair share of work around the house. A study from an American university says that men seldom do...

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