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give away ['givə,wei] 基本翻译 放弃;泄露;分发;出卖 网络释义 give away:泄露 | 赠送 | 分发 1. PHRASAL VERBIf you give away something that you own, you give it to someone, rather than selling it, often because you no longe...

give some thing away

give away sth

Let's give the children away to books  .

ONEREPUBLIC - SECRETS 括号有标注你要的歌词 I need another story Something to get off my chest My life gets kinda boring Need something that I can confess 'Til all my sleeves are stained red From all the truth that I've said Com...


屈服give away分发give out/away发出give out归还give back习惯于做某事used to doing sth.被用来做某事be used to do sth.被用于某物be used to sth. wendy...


4.give away sth to sb give in 投降...give away sth to sb 把某物送给某人...give up 放弃 本回答由提问者推荐 举报违规检举侵权投诉| 答案纠错 | ...

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