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没有任何问题 have the ability of doing something 具有做某件事情的能力

没有这种说法,相应的地道说法是 be able to do sth或是 be capable of doing sth

There are there months in spring :March ,April and May ,

have the ability of 有能力的 例:Most bearing flat-steel can be made into serrated steel grating. This make the grating have the ability of non-slip. If the user needs serrated grating, please specify as ordering. 绝大多数受荷...

1、用法 表示“在某方面有能力”时ability可接介词in,at,for等;表示“做某事的能力”时可接动词不定式,也可接“in+动名词”,但不接“of+动名词”。 2、意思 能力,资格;能耐,才能。 3、例句 I take care of them to the best of my abilities 我尽...

翻: 现代马丁路德金的支持者认为,当年他的“我有一个梦想”的演讲虽为其早期事业的议程画上了浓墨重彩的一笔,但代价却是为其晚期事业带来了焦躁与背叛。

如何提高自学能力How To Improve The Ability of Self-learning When we study, we all want to work with high efficient, the ability of self-learning is very important, with it, we can improve the efficient, the things we do will wo...

不能,修饰说明ability,必须是不定式,ability to do sth.


I have tried the best of my ability. Sorry,I cannot get that contract.But I really did the best of my ability.

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