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hElp mE A lot

It does help me a lot does强调,后面要加动词原形 祝你学习进步O(∩_∩)O哈! 如果对你有所帮助,还望采纳O(∩_∩)O哈! 如还有不懂的,还可以继续追问哦\(^o^)/~

My hobbies Everyone has their hobbies. I want to tell you about my hobbies.In my memory, music makes me relaxing ,when I am sad or in trouble. I listen to music, too. Some good music can make me feel warm , and I can become hap...

He 【helped】 me a lot in the past 句子意思: 他过去帮助过很多。 或 她过去帮过我很多忙。

My English teacher helps me a lot. I like English, but I always have a lot of questions. My English teacher is patient. She always answers all my questions. She will give me more examples to help me understand the sentence bett...


Amongst all the teachers I've ever had, Dr Patel is the one who has influnced me the most. He is a high school physics teacher, and accomplished his doctoral degree at one of the most prestigious and worldly renowned university...

thank you for doing sth:感谢某人做了某事。


kind It's kind of you to help me a lot.

Many wild animals are facing the danger of extinction, because the environment that they are living in has changed greatly. For example,with the developmet of cities, the using of insecticide and serious pollution, their livin...

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