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动词不定式to do 或to be done。 to do sth need doing 第二个是主动表被动。 it needs to be done.它需要完成。 It Still Needs Protection它仍然需要保护。 例句: It Also Needs A还需要 It Never Needs Repair它无需修理 It Also Needs它还...


是这个不?[Jeremih] (Sighs) Yea Go hard, today (Fabolous) The past is the past you know Can’t worry the past cause that yes-sterday (Fabulous) It’s a new day bro Ima put it on the line cause it’s my time (Fabulous) My day, gott...


这句是金星老公对她说的:If you need it, don't buy it. If you want it, go for it. 字面意思是,如果你需要这个包,别买。 如果你真的想要,那就买吧。 意思是,家里已经有很多包了,你真的还需要一个吗?但如果你真的很想要,那就买吧,千金...

该题选 C It needs repairing = It needs to be repaired


不可以,need用法为need do /need to do /need sth.

这句话就是:你的电脑遇到一个无法解决的问题,需要重启 这看不出什么原因。有可能是哪硬件松了或者哪驱动什么没装好

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