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Sporty O - Let Me Hit It



Crashing hit a wallRight now I need a miracle...It's in my head darling I hopeThat you'll ...Don't let me down don't let me down down ...

I never hit so hard in love在任何一段感情,我从没有闯入的如此艰难。All ...It slowly turned, you let me burn感情慢慢变质,你燃烧了我And now, we’...

you主语 let谓语 me宾语 hit your face宾补

it'll beat you to your knees and keep it there permanently if you let it.You, me and nobody is gonna hit as hard as life.But it ain't about ...

你好! you have the ability to let me hit you you don't punch a 你有能力让我打你你不打一个


01:00《Let Me Hit It (Audiostalkers Remix)》-Sporty-O 下来粤语歌《活得潇洒》-谭咏麟 中间零食的歌没找,如果有想要的 留时间段。 第一场: 15...

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