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look one's best 英[luk wʌnz best] 美[lʊk wʌnz bɛst] 显现最佳状态,显得最有吸引力

look well

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . 你是发生在我身上最美好的事,我想用我余生去爱你。

best live look 最佳现场场面 双语例句 1 Rihanna and Swift topped the nominations with six and five nods respectively, but 22-year-old American singer-songwriter Swift walked away with Best Female, Best Live and Best Look. 蕾哈娜...

显得最有吸引力 表现出最好的状态或品质 The garden looks its best in the spring. 这个花园春天看上去最美。

结束语 1、 Good luck! 2、 Best wishes! 3、 Take care of yourself, will you? 4、 Send my love to your… 5、 Please write to me when...

2008届初三英语短文综合填空提高训练15篇(附答案) 1 Can animals be made to work for us ? Some scientists think that one day animals may be t...

你好! i look best undressed 我看最好的脱衣服

你这里还有半句话没打出来。。我直接去搜了整句应该是这样吧。。 He explained that if I looked for the best_____ people,I would get the best in return. 这里填in但是跟look没关系,(look for) the best (in people),应该是这样的吧。。

您的问题,翻译谚语 1 Don't look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you know you'll be dead. 生于忧患,死于安乐....

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