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My hands are tied 我无能为力;我很忙,无能为力;我的双手已被缚 例句 1.Bob: Beth, I wish I could cut my price, even as a personal favor for you, but my hands are tied. 贝丝,就算帮你个忙,我也希望能够降价,但我无能为力。 2.Ben: ...

my hands are tied 我的双手被捆绑 请采纳

1.Oh,boy!嘿,好家伙! 2,cop警察,巡警 3,What's eating you?什么事让你不开心呢? 4,My hands are tied 我无能为力 5,shake a leg动作快点, 强烈反对楼上的,看都没有看清楚就翻,我们做学问的要严谨

reasult in becoming disqualified.don't just sit on your hands,if your hands are tied behind your back,you will not be tempted to make use of them....

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