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是rape不是repe。 两者都有这个意思 rape比较直白 force会显得比较委婉

get done 意思是被。。。 watch 后接双宾语 即watch sb sth rape 在get后使用过去式,表被动, 如还有疑问,欢迎可以进入乐知各级别英语外教课免费旁听。 希望能帮到您

歌曲名:Holy ThunderForce 歌手:rhapsody 专辑:Holy Thunderforce (single) Holy Thunderforce Face me evil bastard, smell the hate of angels Glory, pride and bloodshed Cowards and beholders, rapers of my wisdom mix of dust and bones...

【原文】 The last part of my book examines the forces that conspired to keep the Rape of Nanking out of public consciousness for more than ...

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