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过去式: rose 过去分词: risen 现在分词: rising 第三人称单数: rises

不是。 rise 过去式:rose 过去分词:risen 望采纳!

rise,rose,risen raise,raised,raised

过去式 Rose 过去分词:risen

raise 是及物动词,后面一般会跟名词,如 raise hands, raise salary 等,它的过去时和过去分词都是 raised rise 是不及物动词,只能说 sth. rise(s),如 the price rises,she rises from the chair。它的过去时和过去分词分别是 rose,risen,...

rise 为非及物动词,所以没有被动语态

began-begun broke-broken built-built chose-chosen spoke-spoken kept-kept gave-given did-done rose-risen made-made set-set read-read saw-seen grew-grown went-gone find-found-found knew-known met-met thought-thought held-held sen...

make is is singing do to do 写出下列词的过去式和过去分词 ate eaten2.speak spoke spoken read read4.give gave given 5.swim swam swum 6.see saw seen7.taketook taken 8.gowent gone 9.cut cut cut 10.rise rose risen


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