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stand for:代表;象征;代替;容忍 例句: 1.The letter "x" is often used to stand for an unknown number. 字母x常被用来代表一个未知数。 2.If I were you, I wouldn't stand for that sort of treatment. 如果我是你,我就不能容忍这种待...

2.stand for(代表) 3.stand out(突出)

A “ATM代表什么?自动取款机?”stand for代表,stand out杰出 stand by支持,站在一边,stand up站起来,所以答案A。

A 考查同位语从句。for some reason是插入语,忽略不计。剩下Nobody would stand out admitting the fact ________ they lost the game. ________ they lost the game是the fact的同位语从句,所以用that引导。选A。

for want of 是个固定词组,for单独无意思 for want of [简明英汉词典] 因缺乏 整句话意思:这些有没有一个在你的头脑中有突出(印象)的? stand out [简明英汉词典] v.站出来, 突出, 坚持抵抗

stand in line at the door and wait your teacher to lead you outside. ...时,应使用介词for。 第五句:第一个hour→hours “一个半小时”要说one and...


1..It's dangerous to stand outside,for the wind is blowing__strongly__(strong). 2.English is __widely____(wide) used in the world. 3.They don't know why you talked to them so__angrily_____(angry). 4.It is raining __heavily____(...



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