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有两种用法 1、单独使用,表示“尽力而为”,例如: He'll try his Best, but he can't guarantee any thing. 他将尽力而为, 但不能保证什么. I see. I'll try my best. 我知道了, 我会尽量努力的。 2、后面跟不定式,表示“尽力去做某事”,例如: ...

do one's best:...做到最好 try one's best某人尽力做到最好

try one's best是尽某人最大的努力的意思

try to do尽量,努力做某事 类似于try one's best to do sth try doing sth 试着做某事 尝试做

意思都是‘尽最大努力’,区别不大 但try one's best更口语化.

try one's best to do sth. 要尽力去做某件事情的意思.例句: I'll try my best to help you. I'll try my best to pass the exam. Keep quiet,dude,I'll try my best to get that girl. 等等. 注意,该用法非常口语化,请日常生活中经常用到.代表...

try one's best to do sth竭尽所能,没有try one's best doing sth try doing 尝试try to do 尽力

区别不大。意思一样。语气上try one's best 更强些,表示尽力,try to do 表示试图做。 Do not try to impose your belief upon others. 别试图把你的信仰强加在别人头上。 In one word, we must try our best to do the job. 总而言之,我们必...



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