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who is this的简写……这人是谁

who‘s this 这是谁 1 Who ' s the governor of this state? 这个州的州长是谁? 2 So then I 'll drag out a product and say,' this is why we 're here; this is what' s driving sales, '“ says Carney, who is based in the Netherlands. 轮...

who‘s this man? 这个人是谁?有指男性的意思,一般不强调性别就是who‘s it?

Who's this boy? 英式读音: [hu:z] [ðɪs] [bɔɪ] 美式读音: [hu:z] [ðɪs] [bɔɪ] 中文谐音:呼兹 贼欸丝 抱哎 中文翻译:这个男孩是谁?

who‘s this boy 这个男孩是谁 Who ‘ s the governor of this state? 这个州的州长是谁?


she's 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

thisgirl中文是什么意思啊 this girl----这个女孩

Who are this girl and this boy? this girl and this boy 是两个人并列作...who的用法 50 matlab中who/whos的用法 5 更多相关问题 精彩推荐向...

THIS IS IT (倒着播放歌词) Im just the one in all it 我只是芸芸众生中的一员 whos is laughnig? 是谁在笑? who is laughing? 是谁在笑? hope you are... (我)希望是你…… And Im not dead, 我并没有死亡, they wanna believe.他们想要...

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