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yourself 是间接宾语,从句 “what you can do for your country” 和没有写完整的 “not what your ...” 是并列的直接宾语,意思是 “扪心自问你能为自己的国家做些什么,而不是你的 ... 所 ...的”

ask yourself if you can continue to love 意思就是: 问问你自己是否能够继续爱下去

don't ask why people keep hurting you.ask yourself why are you allowing 不要问为什么人们继续伤害你自己为什么你允许

whether 的用法: used before a clause or an infinitive expressing or implying alternatives (用於从句或不定式之前以表达或意含两者之间的选择) 也就是 whether +that 从句 或者 whether to do .... when you are considering --whether to...

you can ask miss Li yourself. 你可以自己问李老师。 反身代词是指myself, ourselves, yourself, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, themselves, oneself。通常有强调性用法和非强调性用法。 在这里应该用yourself

D it 是个小品词 好多词都有这样的用法,如like hate appreciate i appreciate it that/wh词

Why don't you ask him yourself 这句英语中 主语是 you 宾语是 him 句子翻译为中文是: 为什么你自己不去问他?

You know how kids ask questions all the time? Asking questions shows they...on me. If you can't at least try to put yourself in someone else's ...

句子有些问题,可以说 ask sb. (询问/邀请某人)、ask a price (要价),但不能说 ask sth. ,要表示 “要求某事” 只能说 ask for sth. 所以这个句子需要改为 All I ask for is that you take care of yourself. 这是主从复合句,宾语从句是说话人...

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